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Fine, Marc et Ratafia de Champagne in Vincelles 51

Bouteille Fine de Champagne

Fine de Champagne

Protected Designation of Origin eau-de-vie only made of distilled Champagne wines.

Can be drunk as an after-dinner liqueur or used in the kitchen to accompany delicate meals, giving them its powerful and fruity flavor.

Bouteille Marc de Champagne

Marc de Champagne

After-dinner liqueur made of destemmed and distilled grape marc that mainly comes from the Champagne land.

Complement the end of a meal and make the digestion easier. Can be used in the kitchen to flame meat or to accompany a currant and marc ice cream.

Bouteille Ratafia de Champagne

Ratafia de Champagne

Pre-dinner drink made by mutage of grape must with champagne eau-de-vie, which prevents the fermentation.

Sweet and flavory. Drink it very fresh to appreciate the aromas.
Goes perfectly with melon and foie gras, and can be used to make sauces that will accompany ham or game for example. The open bottle can be kept several months in a fridge.



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